Katelynne Cox - One Girl (Exclusive Bonus Track) 2011
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Katelynne Cox - One Girl (Exclusive Bonus Track) 2011

Artist: Katelynne Cox
Album: One Girl
Released: 2011
Format: M4a
Quality: 320 kbps Vbr / 44.000 KHz / Stereo

Size: 91.2 Mb

Genre: Pop
Style: Pop, Rock

By The Cd: Amazon

Biography: Katelynne Cox (born in 1994) is a singer, songwriter, model, dancer, actress and entertainer. Born in Portland, Oregon and raised in Vancouver, Washington, Katelynne first appeared on stage while attending kindergarten at Children’s World of Music where she “debuted” as Dorothy in their production of “The Wizard of Oz”.
As a model Katelynne has won over 75 state and national titles, including National Miss American Jr. Teen Victory 2009 and Miss Washington Pre-Teen in 2006, appeared on the cover of Super Model Unlimited magazine in 2010 and was named one of Hollywood's most beautiful people in 2009.

01OneGirlfeat.Moc.m4a                              03-Jul-2011 06:43             7554412
02Me.m4a                                           03-Jul-2011 06:52             6999597
0315MinutesOfFame.m4a                              03-Jul-2011 07:04             9808669
04AsWeGo.m4a                                       03-Jul-2011 07:13             7141352
05YouSatisfy.m4a                                   03-Jul-2011 07:22             6727477
06BestFriends.m4a                                  03-Jul-2011 07:31             6426169
07WhatDoIKnow.m4a                                  03-Jul-2011 07:41             8014566
08StickingWithYou.m4a                              03-Jul-2011 07:50             7313127
09ProveEmWrong.m4a                                 03-Jul-2011 08:01             8320027
10YouAndMe.m4a                                     03-Jul-2011 08:09             6691309
11OrdinaryDay.m4a                                  03-Jul-2011 08:18             7687492