Melanie C _ The Sea - 2011
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Melanie C _ The Sea - 2011

Release Name: Melanie_C_-_The_Sea-2011-MOD
Size: 83.9 MB
Artist: Melanie C
Album: The Sea
Genre: Pop
Label: Warner Music
Runtime: 46:05 min
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Mini Biography: 'It's me on a plate, pretty much'. This is how Melanie Chisholm describes the content of 'Reason', her second solo project, and follow-up to 1999's much loved and multi-platinum debut, 'Northern Star'. And what a gourmet feast she represents. With her vocals displaying a new warmth and maturity, and her songwriting yet more boldly assured and energetic than before, she is set to turn any remaining preconceptions about her upside down. This is not the work of a manufactured pop puppet, but that of a richly gifted and imaginative artist. In both personal and artistic terms, 'Reason' is a joy and triumph and a giant step forwards. You didn't have to be an avid Spice-watcher to know that, with 'Northern Star', Melanie fared far better commercially and critically than did her former colleagues with their own first individual projects. Which was very nice, she admits, but something of an irrelevance. 'I've never felt that I was in competition with the other girls. I think any one of them would tell you that, during the time we were in the band, I was the one who was most serious about her music, and the most driven.' She had rushed headlong into the writing and recording of that album, immediately after the mutual decision had been made to call a halt to what had been the biggest global pop phenomenon of the 1990s. 'It was an amazing, amazing ride', she says now. 'I can't say I enjoyed every minute of it. I can't say I loved every song we did. But it was just an out-of-this-world experience, something incredible to have been a part of.' That said, being one of five, then one of four, had meant learning to live with compromise and frustration, most especially in musical terms. No wonder, then, that she couldn't wait to start expressing her solo self. 'I went straight into 'Northern Star' off the back of the Spice Girls final tour, which may have been a bit of a mistake. But the fact is I couldn't help myself. I was just so excited by the freedom of it all. And to find that so many great people wanted to work with me... I just went crazy...Mental.  " I so loved the whole process of making a record that was all about me and my tastes, and which didn't have to be put together by committee.' That sense of excitement and self-expression permeated all 12 of 'Northern Star's' tracks. But how would it be received? Having enjoyed Top Three success the previous year as featured vocalist on the Bryan Adams hit 'When You're Gone', Melanie now prepared to stand alone. To their great credit, British consumers proved happy and willing to look, listen, and quickly put away all received notions of who or what Sporty Spice represented. Acceptance of the new, lone Melanie was such that a first single, 'Goin' Down', debuted at Number Four in October of 99, and the album's title track replicated that achievement in the crowded Christmas chart two months later. But it was 'Never Be The Same Again', written with a team that included the late Lisa Left Eye Lopes, which would fully break 'Northern Star' in April of 2000. In doing so, it gave Melanie her first solo Number One single. 'I Turn To You' would give her a second, four months later.


01_melanie_c_-_burn.mp3                            02-Sep-2011 03:44             7992708
01_melanie_c_-_burn.ogg                            02-Sep-2011 06:00             2727344
02_melanie_c_-_think_about_it.mp3                  02-Sep-2011 04:04             7695503
02_melanie_c_-_think_about_it.ogg                  02-Sep-2011 05:59             2661199
03_melanie_c_-_get_out_of_here.mp3                 02-Sep-2011 04:13             7576688
03_melanie_c_-_get_out_of_here.ogg                 02-Sep-2011 05:59             2720974
04_melanie_c_-_weak.mp3                            02-Sep-2011 04:21             6309042
04_melanie_c_-_weak.ogg                            02-Sep-2011 06:00             2319428
05_melanie_c_-_stupid_game.mp3                     02-Sep-2011 04:28             6645778
05_melanie_c_-_stupid_game.ogg                     02-Sep-2011 06:00             2389012
06_melanie_c_-_let_there_be_love.mp3               02-Sep-2011 04:36             6456956
06_melanie_c_-_let_there_be_love.ogg               02-Sep-2011 05:58             2339064
07_melanie_c_-_drown.mp3                           02-Sep-2011 04:45             7417332
07_melanie_c_-_drown.ogg                           02-Sep-2011 05:58             2737667
08_melanie_c_-_all_about_you.mp3                   02-Sep-2011 04:54             7541799
08_melanie_c_-_all_about_you.ogg                   02-Sep-2011 05:56             2746572
09_melanie_c_-_the_sea.mp3                         02-Sep-2011 05:06             9211030
09_melanie_c_-_the_sea.ogg                         02-Sep-2011 05:56             3382682
10_melanie_c_-_beautiful_mind.mp3                  02-Sep-2011 05:16             7590894
10_melanie_c_-_beautiful_mind.ogg                  02-Sep-2011 05:57             2649595
11_melanie_c_-_one_by_one.mp3                      02-Sep-2011 05:27             7674812
11_melanie_c_-_one_by_one.ogg                      02-Sep-2011 05:57             2730243
12_melanie_c_-_rock_me.mp3                         02-Sep-2011 05:35             5964646
12_melanie_c_-_rock_me.ogg                         02-Sep-2011 05:58             2250955


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