Medina - For Altid (2011)
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Medina - For Altid (2011)

Artist: Medina
Album: For Altid
Released: 2011
Style: Pop
Format: MP3 128Kbps / Stereo
Size: 36.3 Mb

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Mini Biography: Ms. Medina was born in Mexico and immigrated to the United States with her family as a young child.  Her parents enjoyed little formal schooling in Mexico, and did not attend school in the United States.  Ms. Medina was raised in a farm worker camp in the agricultural town of Watsonville, California, where her parents worked picking strawberries, apples and lettuce.  Later, they found a more secure employment at a local cannery.It was at this cannery that Ms. Medina’s desire to attend college was born.  During a cannery strike, Ms. Medina, then a high school student, acted as a translator and an advocate for striking workers.  Her activism soon garnered the attention of her high school principal and teachers – whom all encouraged her to apply to University of California, Berkeley.  Upon graduation from high school, Ms. Medina was accepted into UC Berkeley and became the first in her family to attend a four-year university.Ms. Medina continued her activism on the UC Berkeley campus.  She became co-chair of MEChA, a student organization dedicated to providing and securing educational opportunities for Latino students.  During her summer breaks in college, Ms. Medina returned to her roots, Watsonville’s migrant labor camps, to teach second and third grade students.Upon graduation from college, Ms. Medina was accepted to UC Berkeley’s Boalt Hall School of Law and Harvard’s John F. Kenney School of Government.  After earning a JD and MPA from Boalt and Harvard respectively, Ms. Medina was selected from a pool of applicants from across the nation’s finest law schools as the first recipient of the prestigious Fried Frank/MALDEF Fellowship.As a Fried Frank/MALDEF Fellow, Ms. Medina spent the first two years of her legal career at Fried, Frank, Harris Shriver and Jacobson in New York City representing some of the world’s largest corporations in securities and transactions.  After two years in New York City, she moved back to California to work at MALDEF where she filed a number of civil rights class action lawsuits.  Ms. Medina played a vital role in the fight against Proposition 227 (the English Only Initiative) by preparing information pamphlets for the community, debating Ron Unz, the proposition’s author, and appearing on a numerous English and Spanish language programs, including CNN and Life Times, to discuss the merits of bilingual education.  After the Fried Frank/MALDEF Fellowship, Ms. Medina jointed the downtown Los Angeles law firm of Richards, Watson, and Gershon, where she advised city councils, planning commissions and other public bodies on municipal, land use and environmental matters.


01-SyndForDig.mp3                                  20-Sep-2011 08:06             3379211
01-SyndForDig.ogg                                  20-Sep-2011 10:24             2513589
02-ForAltid.mp3                                    20-Sep-2011 08:15             3444406
02-ForAltid.ogg                                    20-Sep-2011 10:24             2696479
03-VendOm.mp3                                      20-Sep-2011 08:40             3714822
03-VendOm.ogg                                      20-Sep-2011 10:24             2762814
04-Kl.10.mp3                                       20-Sep-2011 08:52             3944697
04-Kl.10.ogg                                       20-Sep-2011 10:24             2955763
05-LyserIMrke.mp3                                  20-Sep-2011 09:01             3673874
05-LyserIMrke.ogg                                  20-Sep-2011 10:24             2629950
06-12Dage.mp3                                      20-Sep-2011 09:27             4203416
06-12Dage.ogg                                      20-Sep-2011 10:23             3160608
07-GodeMennesker.mp3                               20-Sep-2011 10:06             3887871
07-GodeMennesker.ogg                               20-Sep-2011 10:23             2670799
08-EjerHeleVerden.mp3                              20-Sep-2011 10:15             3313181
08-EjerHeleVerden.ogg                              20-Sep-2011 10:23             2400160
09-HarDuDetLigesomMigfeat.Young.mp3                20-Sep-2011 09:46             4774392
09-HarDuDetLigesomMigfeat.Young.ogg                20-Sep-2011 10:23             3394981
10-Lykkepille.mp3                                  20-Sep-2011 09:56             3819737
10-Lykkepille.ogg                                  20-Sep-2011 10:23             2679722


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