Switchfoot - Vice Verses (2011)
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Switchfoot - Vice Verses (2011)

Artist: Switchfoot
Album: Vice Verses
Released: 2011
Style: Alternative rock
Format: MP3 192Kbps Vbr / Stereo
Size: 73.5 Mb

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Mini Biography: What is true happiness?” asks Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman. “Is it a comfortable four-door sedan with tinted windows? Does it mean I have 2.3 children and a beautiful wife and live in a great neighborhood? Everyone has their own version of what happiness means, but many of the things we’re going for, and I include myself in this, are absurd. There’s this moment in Jewish scripture, in Ecclesiastes, where it says, ‘Meaningless, meaningless, everything is meaningless.’ That’s the place where our new record starts.”The San Diego alt-rock band’s new record, Nothing is Sound, once again finds Foreman questioning everything, as he did on the band’s two and a half-million selling breakout album The Beautiful Letdown. “That’s pretty much where our music naturally goes,” he says. “I ask myself questions and sing about it. A lot of these songs are like an oyster. A bit of sand gets in and it’s abrasive and troublesome. The oyster starts working on it and a few years later you open it up and there’s pearl in there. That’s what I do in my songs—chew on the more abrasive parts of my life.”Switchfoot’s non-stop touring schedule—they performed 400 shows over the last two years—gave Foreman plenty of time to gnaw. In fact, Nothing is Sound was recorded on the road. The band was so busy that they didn’t have time to take a break to make a record. So they set up their instruments and recording equipment in the dressing room every night and would lay down tracks in between interviews and soundcheck. “That was one advantage we had on this record,” says Foreman. “We’d been playing some of the songs, like “Daisy” and “Politicians,” off and on for a while. We got to road test them, check the tires, and switch things up before we ever pressed the ‘record’ button. The audiences determined which songs were selected and how they turned out. The trickiest part is trying to capture what we do live and bottle it up into the 1’s and 0’s on a CD. It helped to play these songs live, feel that energy, and say, ‘Okay, this is what we have to match.’”Switchfoot did go into a proper studio to cut drums and other parts. They produced the album themselves with the aid of Letdown producer John Fields, whom Foreman praises as “quick and passionate about music. That’s a great combination.”Foreman describes the group’s unorthodox approach to recording as a blend of professional with “bro-fessional, combining the skillfully engineered sounds you get from a proper studio with the more raw noise that you get from my garage,” he says. “Both are necessary in making a record. You want it to be honest and raw, but it has to be also listenable.”It’s Switchfoot’s raw honesty that has continued to inspire the group’s hordes of loyal fans, and Nothing is Sound does not disappoint in that area. It retains Foreman’s signature thoughtful, questioning lyrics and bathes them in huge hooks and crashing guitars. The album’s centerpiece is “Happy is a Yuppie Word” that takes its title from a 1991 interview Bob Dylan gave to Rolling Stone in which Dylan was asked, on the occasion of his 50th birthday, if he was happy. Dylan replied, “Those are yuppie words, happiness and unhappiness. It’s not happiness or unhappiness, it’s blessed or unblessed.”


01-Afterlife.mp3                                   26-Sep-2011 10:44             5322752
01-Afterlife.ogg                                   26-Sep-2011 13:28             2643276
02-TheWarInside.mp3                                26-Sep-2011 11:07             5359616
02-TheWarInside.ogg                                26-Sep-2011 13:28             2672705
03-SellingTheNews.mp3                              26-Sep-2011 11:31             5261312
03-SellingTheNews.ogg                              26-Sep-2011 13:27             2454651
04-Thrive.mp3                                      26-Sep-2011 11:41             7606272
04-Thrive.ogg                                      26-Sep-2011 13:27             3505217
05-TheOriginal.mp3                                 26-Sep-2011 11:00             4802560
05-TheOriginal.ogg                                 26-Sep-2011 13:28             2295018
06-Restless.mp3                                    26-Sep-2011 11:16             7745536
06-Restless.ogg                                    26-Sep-2011 13:28             3626496
07-BlindingLight.mp3                               26-Sep-2011 11:24             6275072
07-BlindingLight.ogg                               26-Sep-2011 13:28             2994702
08-DarkHorses.mp3                                  26-Sep-2011 11:50             5738496
08-DarkHorses.ogg                                  26-Sep-2011 13:26             2835093
09-Souvenirs.mp3                                   26-Sep-2011 12:03             6236160
09-Souvenirs.ogg                                   26-Sep-2011 13:26             2882966
10-RiseAboveIt.mp3                                 26-Sep-2011 12:13             5230592
10-RiseAboveIt.ogg                                 26-Sep-2011 13:27             2583896
11-ViceVerses.mp3                                  26-Sep-2011 12:22             7503872
11-ViceVerses.ogg                                  26-Sep-2011 13:27             3298623
12-WhereIBelong.mp3                                26-Sep-2011 12:34            10008576
12-WhereIBelong.ogg                                26-Sep-2011 13:27             4805336


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